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Premium Hosting
« on: December 24, 2018, 10:18:25 AM »
Welcome Dear Candidates!

We also provide paid hosting for both Web-Hosting & Game-Hosting...!

What are the Benefits?
Game-Hosting Benefits:
1. Users will get low pings, with better quality of service
2. Users will get Discord Bots attached along to there discord channels and servers
3. Users will get Ip-Bind for there servers to get the files downloaded as quick as possible
4. Users will get Log-Status of there servers
5. Users will get Static Ip (Ip that is not changed)
6. Users will get 2nd account on Game-Panel, Only of a game that they are currently hosting, else if they want other game hosting they will have to provide an extra charge(fee) depending on type of game to unlock it

Web-Hosting Benefits:
1. Users will get fast response of website
2. Users will get PHP & Database support
3. Users will get 2nd account with same features

The payment method is simple, Not much technical, but as following:
a. Users currently in Pakistan can easily use Easypaisa for transfer of money.
Amount : PKR- /Rs -700/month
b. Users in foreign countries can easily use Western union or (Paypal coming soon).
Amount : US-/$ - 5/month
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